The Journey... June 24th at The Highlander

Conrad's last night... Kayla read a "real short poem I wrote when I was 17"... Brett had fierce September hair, stood in the fireplace of classical guitars... Jen read from Candide, about a Paris all too recognisable... Yara was herself entirely... Joanna laughed with joys nothing here holds... Brenda was circled by Rimbaud's albatross and Neil had an NDE (near death experience) out on the rooves above Paris, keyless, having clumb out through a skylight only to hear the latch lock shut behind him... I was addicted to words.
And Conrad? His parting words were by way of counsell: Swallow the moon. Dance till you drop. Watch out for steak knives in the metro.

yet more underground poetry

more cataphile photos [not catamite; that's another site you're thinking of]

Journey to the centre of the Earth: photos from the last catacombs trip... at last!

The Journey/Voyage/The Quest

9pm Tuesday 24th June at The Highlander. 8 rue de Nevers Metro Pont Neuf/Saint Michel.

Poems, stories, monologues, dialogues, songs, etc. sought for the next Spoken Word. Off-topic stuff also welcome.

Fragments you've collected, insights, dreams, tales, accounts of what you've gained or lost on the way... life is a journey; those who swim against the tide of time are lost, they retain nothing and regret it in the end.

Voyage. Amenez tous les textes vous pouvez trouvez avec un lien sur le sujet, ou meme sans lien... vos textes ou les textes des autres que vous aimez... et que vous allez lire et interpretre! Les histoires, les reves, les fragments disparus, les carnets de voyage, les chansons... tous!

21h mardi le 24 juin