SpokenWord Report 19 Sept

An Incomplete Report by David.
Photos by Pearl Pirie, taken on 5th and 19th. I think.

I began, reading Shelley...

like the bright shade of some immortal dream
    Which walks, when tempest sleeps, the wave of life's dark stream

then Theko sang a song in Russian and James laughed and wore yellow, saying "Gym bodies... are let down by the head." Happi recalled how, yesterday, he was only a trace, a tear in an ocean of melancholy. Lisa Pasold talked about dogs. Stuff green as poison. Olivier saw horses dancing. Pearl wants to buy a bottle of water. A fish school scattered. Jason McGinsey was featured reader and did  COCA PARTY. He's a tragic optimist. Alberto called on us to bomb the oceans. (Sometimes when I look back at the notes I take to write this report I read the phrases I jotted down and have no memory whatever of what it was about. Bomb the oceans???)

Lisa Pasold
Troy hiccuped with ecstasy. Georgina told a goblin story. Troy & Suzanne were not necessarily in love. Gabriel hung between sensation and thought, emitting a baritone mating call. Alexa advised "Say no to nuns! The Lord has other plans for you." Chris and Ashley revealed how dentistry has twisted history in a dark and violent direction. Valerie detested the 17th arrondisement. Troy hissed like a venomous doughnut and Moe was a civilised man told to hold his tongue.

Trelys & Alberto
Finished with Hélène who works the bar and that was that. 

SpokenWord will be every Monday from 3rd October. Sign up to read in the bar from 8pm, first round starts at 9pm.

More photos:

Dylan of Corrupt Press
Paul Lisson of Hamilton Arts and Letters magazine

Troy & Suzanne


Saturday 24th Sept a special event nr Gallieni metro on Paris' East edge

the link a dit…
600 events in 450 cities and 95 countries will take place on September 24 to promote environmental, social, and political change. Poets, writers, artists will create, perform and demonstrate in their communities having decided their own specific area of focus for change within the framework of peace and sustainability.
the link is a creative performance space on the east edge of Paris where artisans of word, sound, visuals and movement come together in progressive artistic expression.
Immediately following September 24th all documentation on the 100TPC.org website will be preserved by Stanford University in California, which has recognized 100 Thousand Poets for Change as an historical event, as part of their digital archiving program LOCKSS.
Come out to the link on the East Edge and enjoy. Saturday September 24 from 7-10pm. Bring your words, others words, music, expression or your friends with the theme of Respect Responsibility Rock Steady. Open Mic, sign up at the door or register. Oh and BYO...
For further information or to register to read/perform: Camille on 0633968052 or B on 0143931771 or via:thelinkpariseastedge@gmail.com

SPOKEN WORD PARIS, September 5, 2011.

By Alberto.

September 5. Summer is dying, agonizing, all right. C’est la rentrèe, we are reharsing for a great new season. Spoken Word is still twice a month, but don’t worry in October we are going to take it seriously and weekly. I’m glad to be back in Paris, and in Belleville. We had two (yes TWO) featured artists: Paul Lisson from Canada and Valentino Rossi (like The Doctor) from Italy. So, after Martino’s opening, Paul Lisson took us to the fabolous world of Hamilton Arts & Letters. Then he gave away pins. Apparently you can get some unemployement benefit with it, in Hamilton. Hamilton is in Canada. Just to know. You shuld think about your future, dude. Oarl Pirie reading from her chapbook. She is one of the featured authors for the Next Poets Live at Carr’s. Then Lisa, then Angel showing what the duende is, through an old andalusian song. Valerie, reading in french. Troy with a brand new stuff. James reading aphorisms by Kafka. Do you want one?

“A cage went in search of a bird.”

Not impressed? Do you want another one?

"It cannot be claimed that we are lacking in belief. The mere fact of our being alive is an inexhaustible font of belief.
The fact of our being alive a font of belief? But what else can we do but live?
It' in that 'what else' that the immense force of belief resides: it is the exclusion that gives it its form."

Marie playing, I was astonished, but I forgot which song. Trelys announced she’s setting up a play-reading series starting very soon, we are going to keep you posted. Check this website for more info.
And she had to cut off one of her weekly good news: Sorry, Spoken word is still twice a month. I repeat. We will be at Culture Rapide every monday starting from October 3.
Round two:
Erica Buettner. The new album “True love and water” is on sale. Listen to it, I give you a sample. David Barnes came on stage with many books under his arm. Moe’s reading Amiri Baraka, presenting 1OOTHOUSAND Poets for Change! Check it out! It’s Sunday September 24. 600 Events – 450 Cities – 95 Countries! Troy Yorke, pride and joy of his parents. The second featured performer was Valentino Rossi, aka Mariolino, remixing Sleeping beauty with his fellow Rigettini. More samples from his italian show: A new Chris Newens production featuring well known spokenworders, Henrick openly challenging his mentor The Maxx, who passed over our 5 minutes limit and was pinched in the genitals, Yasha remixing Elia Kazan and introducing her new squat in the XXeme. Christophe closed the night with this very sentence:
"I’m drunk but I believe in my poems”
Ok guys get warm for a new season. See you on monday 19!

Call for projects for 2011/2012

New Theatre, Movement, Film, Video and Mixed-Media Performances

New Voices, New Projects is a Paris-based platform for artists to exhibit and network innovative new projects that are already in development. We welcome submissions that are multicultural, multilingual and multimedia. We are looking to be struck by originality, creativity and talent.

Each month we will select one project to present to experts in the arts industry, as well as the broader international community. As a showcase of new talent, New Voices, New Projects exists to allow artists to present their work-in-progess and to receive critical feedback and exposure. Artists will not be paid for these performances under any circumstances, as New Voices, New Projects exists simply to support and nurture talent, in providing a platform and audience for new work, and is not a money-making venture.

Proposals will be considered by a committee of professional experts within the arts and entertainment milieu. They will be judged according to:
a.       Readiness for presentation (not necessarily in a finished state, but nonetheless in an advanced state of exploration and development; rehearsed and prepared, etc.)
b.      Quality and innovation of the project
c.       Technical requirements at the stage of the proposed project’s development

For more information, and to submit your projects, please contact newvoicesnewprojects@bilingualacting.com
Amy Werba, Producer
Chris Mack, Producer
Kirsten Foster, Associate Producer