Report from The Highlander 24th September

A friendly gathering to kick off the new season of Spoken Word. Joanna brought Flowers for You and A Breath of May before Driving Backwards in Paris. Rufo's monks left no trace in Iceland, setting off in their coracles for suicide or sanctity. His city belongs to drag queens. Thomas carried out a Soft Revolution. He's only an Innocent Boy who Wanted to do a Bad Thing before he dies. Dona D. Leter told us in the language of Moliere (who would've been a slam poet if he could) how it is to be in a crypt, improvised 2 slam poems on the spot and exhorted us to speak more French! Adrian gave a riposte and read various things before ending with a Cosy Biscuit.I was Addicted to Words, as always.
It was a good night. Some 25 people, not bad for the first of the season. Great to catch up with everyone who came, including Sophia who's off to La Reunion and James who survived a plane crash this summer. And above all it was great to be reminded why these nights are important - to see someone alone on the stage reading poetry that has touched them, or even that they've written themselves, in a space where everyone wants to hear what they have to say. Yeah!
Sadly missed: Neil Uzzell, now in Chicago. Conrad & Charlie, now in Cambridge.
Missing in action: Conor Quinn. If you see this man, possibly walking a large Brazilian dog, you are advised to contact the relevant authorities.

Un nouveau espoir!

L'heure 9h30, le date le 24 septembre

O children of Byron and Shelley, poets are the unrecognised legislators of the world!

Avant le démenagement à Belleville, un dernier Spoken Word dans le cave du Highlander (8 rue de Nevers, Métro Pont-Neuf/Odéon/St Michel.) Le thème: la poèsie, soi-même! Faites tous que vous pouvez avec ça, vous enfants de Byron, Shelley, Baudelaire et Rimbaud!

Les poètes sont les législateurs du monde pas reconu!


The Ogre is dead! Long live the Cabaret Populaire!

Poetry/la poèsie 9h30 Wednesday/mercredi 24 octobre à The Highlander

"...a flawed character. Greatly talented, passionate, full of venomous distaste for society and social institutions, lacking all respect for rank and privilege. Thwarted in love by social constraint or death, condemned to exile for rebellion. Hides an unsavoury past. Arrogant, overconfident, lacking foresight. Ultimately, acts in a self-destructive manner."
What better role model could you ask for?
Spoken Word returns to The Highlander (8 rue de Nevers) for a last time before decamping to Belleville.
Theme: poetry (itself!)/la poèsie.
Make of that what you will, Byron's children.