Halloween Spoken Word... hosted by Conor & Alexa. Report by Alexa.

The place was packed! Not all at once, but gradually more and more people came until the room was full. We had scary sound effects, even scarier MCs and Bob brought us a Jack O'Lantern before delighting the crowd with his hen-pecked hootenanny! And then, there were some serious and very moving moments. Sion read a fantastic piece about inter-racial strife and a mother's loss. Morris read from Finnegan's Wake with an eloquence that I have rarely heard before. Conrad couldn't stop making fun of his friend Jack --O'Lantern-- and had us holding our sides with laughter. The dynamic duo of Laura and Igor -- the Argentine siblings -- who read from some of their favorite novels left us hanging on our seats--Laura really brought her story to life with her kooky hat and grand gestures! Conor, of course gave us The Raven, with props and jests, and although always exciting, it's hard to appreciate Poe when the delivery is given by a man in a Mexican wrestling outfit! But Maxime was the scariest of all: for it was he of the blackness and spikes who appeared completely dressed in white, and with his hair unleashed, he made the perfect bride of Frankenstein---umm, for a guy. Neil delighted us as usual, with stories of his life and busting up Halloween pumpkins and Pauline had us howling with Tim Burton's story of a couple whose offspring looked--and tasted--like oysters. Nila was as quiet as a ghost: "I had nothing to read", quoth she, but I'm sure it's because she is thinking of her novel...good luck Nila!I told ghost stories and recounted Mexican withcraft lore, when I wasn't going on about kissing...All in all it was a grand time and although we forgot to pass out the mailing sheet, I do wish and hope that you'll all come back. The ambiance was terrific!


All together too many people to mention everyone, so this is just some of the highlights.
Oh and a request, to Sion and Conrad, any chance we could put what you read on the blog? People have been asking if they could get a copy.

Alexa, Bérangère, Conrad, Simone & Alison, Dominic

Pauline reads the sad story of Oyster Boy

The Anti-Max


Mysterious artist