Lucy Hopkins show Le Foulard this Sunday - and free!

Le Foulard - Paris Preview!

Dear Spokenword folk!

I made a show!

I'll show it here and there a little over the summer and before I do I would mad love to show it to you guys here chez nous à Paris and get your comments!

No ticket price, just bring your pocket money for your refreshments and your fine selves.

I will be completely delighted and most grateful to see you Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 75011, on Sunday May 27th at 330pm, for the World Premiere of this brand new malarky.


Le Foulard will play at the Prague Fringe festival June 1st-9th:
then at the Bike Shed Theatre as part of the Exeter Ignite Festival the 5th, 6th and 7th of July,
then at the Bedford Fringe Festival the 14th and 15th of July:
Here is a bit of text about the show:

A tale, of sorts. Starring a woman and a scarf.
Comic and a touch surreal, featuring a motley collection of characters and a love of a show-stopping song, Le Foulard is a joyfully ridiculous one-woman extravaganza, made with love by an idiot.

And here's a bit about me:

Lucy Hopkins won an Inspiration Award for her first solo show in 2011. She trained at the excellent and prestigious Ecoles Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier, and she lives in Paris. 
Note: show is in English.

Spoken Word in Paris May 14 2012!

Report by Alberto.
Photos by Marie De Lutz.
Song to listen to while reading this blog: Sous Le Ciel DeParis

Spoken Word Paris. Attention please the stage order may change randomly: Jason translating Samarago and organizing the troops for a collective premiere of On the Road. Come with us on Wednesday! Christelle and the words of Sous Le Ciel De Paris. Patrick Cash vs Patrick Kilm. David fishing goldfish at La Defense. Kate’s tattoos, Pablo’s Baudelaire, Sonny Shula’s rolling river, Murder,(comma) Ian, Ashley B. pretending to be the only child.

                                              Najee Omar Lost and Found

                                                  Magda’s flowers

                                                   David F.’s subway adventures

              Moe’s on tour, if you can’t read the flyer in this photo, check our facebook.

                                                          Lewis F. first time

Helen, Patrick and Lizzie and The Salmonella’s connection. Beatrice reading from On The Road, Brian, Georgina’s Daniel and the lions, P-Aik howling Ginsberg, Julie dope and pre-raphaelites: “I forget to ask your name mysterious beauty on the bicycle”. Sophie’s “C’est Le Flirt Infinitesimal”, Andrea playing the piano. Midnight closing with a Broadway classic.  

                                                           Camille singing it.
Good night. See you next monday. Same hour. (even b4). Search for David under the top hat. 

Other Writers Group Sat 19th May

The writers' group will still run - led by Jason, as I'll be in London and Bruce has a gig.

At Shakespeare & Co, 5pm -7pm
5 euro

More details here:


Report from 7th May

There were gasps and groans from the audience as Shane recounted cocoons being laid in his pubic hair. Helen read from her tale of an attempted poisoning. David Fishel ate near 50 pancakes to win a bet for his grandad. At first Lucy Hopkins was afraid, she was petrified. Jessamyn started smoking again; everythign looks like carnage in this country. I can't sleep without your warmth.
Emily's eyes roared with light. Alberto was investigated for child porn and won his case when accused of horse fucking. (Wtf! Where does this stuff come from? Sometimes I read over these notes and it's like seeing icebergs loom out of the mist of my beery amnesia and settle back into reality.) Jason translated violence from Naples.

Round 2:
Lucy Gellman was there "...and someone to bake it with." Moe was stealing back his life. Ben thought of others, a candle in the darkness. Lucile was left standing godless. Edward saw the rain full of ghosts. Constanza    read e.e.cummings'
By e. e. cummings

there are so many tictoc
clocks everywhere telling people 
what toctic time it is for 
tictic instance five toc minutes toc 
past six tic 

Spring is not regulated and does 
not get out of order nor do 
its hands a little jerking move 
over numbers slowly 

we do not 
wind it up it has no weights 
springs wheels inside of 
its slender self no indeed dear 
nothing of the kind. 

(So,when kiss Spring comes 
we'll kiss each kiss other on kiss the kiss 
lips because tic clocks toc don't make 
a toctic difference 
to kisskiss you and to 
kiss me)

And then it was almost over. Caroline filled the empty space with flowers. And Evan brought us news from the internet wars - Porn vs Cats - which you can listen to here 

Next SpokenWord tonight, and every Monday, au Chat Noir.

Spoken Word Paris 30 / 04 / 2012

Report by Alberto
Photos by Marie De Lutz. Click here for the whole album.
Back then Sarko was the President of France.
Patrick Cash masturbation and patriotism, Melanie’s sticky afternoons, Sophie’s infinitesimal part I and II. Jason “I give her a slap on the face, not hard but humiliating.” Marie’s instructions to be more photogenic. Let’s see if it worked:

                                         Pansy: we splayed kiss marks all over the room.

Jessanyn: perhaps you thought no harm in letting her pretend. Louisa’s Christmas: Cats fucking interrupt our morning. Emily’s sex positions. Alberto’s May 2: Obama vs Osama. Griffin: “I am every gay-child who’s been told you better off dead.”

                                         Melissa playing the piano during the break.

Shane the nature poem of Saint Hook (or another Saint?), Fatima’s tick tock 52 weeks in a year
is my life measured by a laughter from ear to ear? Gina Bonati’s song: Don’t be so merciful, Don’t be too kind, I’m so used to this. Gabriel: What do you have to say now Prometheus? Tino’s singing it’s not about my monkey it’s about me and my pussy. Bruce’s exact change on the bus driver’s mind. Lucille introducing Scarecrow Collective number 3. Buy it at Spoken Word for Euro 1.50. Alex’s Baudelaire: Les gents se figurent l’ivresse comment un pays prodigieux. Ferdia and Shane and the new superhero: Man-man, half man, half man. Finally Beatrice brought flowers for David Barnes.

                                          David Barnum looking into the future.

                                                       Margaux’s human Sculpture. 

Georgina introducing the Unstrung Letter by Kate Noakes about Philip Larkin. French slam poetry by Murder and Afroriginal: lumieres sur mes freres. And Hamlet came out of the blue: To be or not to be, this is the question: whether tis nobler for the mind to suffer the slings and arrows, etcetera, etcetera. To die, to sleep, perchance to dream. See you next Monday, etcetera, etcetera.

Kathleen Spivack will be teaching Poetry Writing at the Paris Writers Workshop June 24-29 2012 in France.

 Shaping the Poem. From Completion to Publication. “How do we shape a poem so that it shimmers with meaning?.” We’ll discuss how to make our work the best it can be, with attention to communication and publication. Kathleen’s clients write their heads off, publish widely in all genres and win major prizes and top awards. You will too!


bio, Kathleen Spivack

Kathleen Spivack’s memoir With Robert Lowell and His Circle: Plath, Sexton, Bishop, Rich, Kunitz will be published in 2012 by University Press of New England. A student and friend of poet Robert Lowell, Kathleen Spivack has written about the poets of his time, notably Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Stanley Kunitz and others who took her under their wing, with a focus on how they approached their work.

She is the author of seven previous books of prose and poetry (Doubleday, Graywolf, etc), has published in over 300 magazines and anthologies,  and received numerous awards. Named “Best Writing Coach” by the NWU, Kathleen teaches in Paris and Boston.