Spoken Word Istanbul

9 January 20:30 at Tiyatro Kahve, Beyoglu, Istanbul 

SpokenWord Paris is proud to announce that Merve Pehlivan is launching the first SW Istanbul on the 9th of January. The poster is in Turkish but all languages are welcome. Merve was a long time member of the Other Writers' Group and Spoken Word Paris while she was here in France.

Kelimelerinizi defterlerden, müsveddelerden çıkarmak, onlara ses olmak için...
Şimdi Spoken Word İstanbul bizi dinlemek için var!

9 Ocak Pazartesi 20:30
Oyuncular Tiyatro Kahve
İstiklal caddesi Rumeli Han Kat:2
Beyoğlu, 34421 Istanbul, Türkiye

Bu sahne sizin! Öykülerinizi, anılarınızı, yaşadıklarınızı, şiirlerinizi, şarkılarınızı paylaşmak, kelimelerinizi duyurmak için artık Spoken Word İstanbul var! Her dilde, her usulde kendinizi ifade etmeniz için! (Başvurularınız ve danışma için Merve Pehlivan: 0533 669 46 46)

Éditions du Chemin interview

Chantal of Éditions du Chemin interviewed me about SpokenWord, the Paris writing sceen, Strangers in Paris, etc.

Read the interview
Next Other Writers' Group
~ Saturday 7th January 5pm Shakespeare & Co.
Next SpokenWord
~ Monday 9th January Au Chat Noir

Spoken Word Paris 12.12.2011 Report

By Alberto
Mandoline Song Of Victory, Marie Song of Draw, Anthony: “I want to leave the City”, Jason reading for his personal pleasure leftovers from his old website something about bleeding tomatoes (as an Italian I’m moved). Kate reads four short poems, James told the tragic Story of a Butcher called Jean Marie “qui avait the best meat of Paris”, Eva singing a sad song called “Too much talking is good for a blind.” Alberto dedicated this monologue to last saturday night fighters. Griffin, for Griffin I mean this guy

performed a poem called “the third box” referring to Plato’s (Aristophane’s) sex myth.
In Round II the first is Claire. That's how I found out another fellow spokenworder won the Troubadour’s third prize even in 2010, her name is Claire Gheerardyn with her poem “Nest”. Troy Yorke, our Personal Jesus: “My hoven was hot and I was a witch”. Matt: you wake up in the morning and your head is on fire.
Amelia Parenteau:

Drift back to the beach,
Me, pot bellied and princessing,
You taught me to float,
And I haven't sunk since.

Pablo singing: Les Anges de Paris. Patrick gurgling waves like a saxophone altissimo.
and Lucy from:

Full Body Blush
Warning, Lucy Gellman is Supernovaing in the Grad Study Center

I leave black holes where I walk. The hallways of Paris IV breathe
with them, and the dixièmes cobblestone streets, and this bright bright city,
the only thing we share in the night.

What galaxies you hold in your hands, I told him once.
How much light you have trapped inside of me.

Chantal: “On dit que cette musique c’est votre nome, Sokol asking Proust for a sip of strenght.

And finally Kelly: “My apologies”. Please forgive her, folks. Last Spoken Word b4 Xmas holidays will be Monday, December 19 Au Chat Noir. See you there.

Last SpokenWord of 2011

Monday 19th December, Au Chat Noir
76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
Metro Parmentier/Couronnes
Sign up in the bar from 8pm
Underground poetry from 9pm

Sad news: Death of George Whitman

Just read that George Whitman of Shakespeare & Co has died.

Without George, alternately infuriating and a sheer delight, and his crazy-wonderful bookshop, there would be no SpokenWord Paris, no Other Writers' Group, no issue.ZERO and no Strangers in Paris. And so much else. How many of us would even have stayed in Paris? Not me.


SPOKENWORD Report from 5th Dec

by David
This was the launch of issue.ZERO's Winter 2011-2012 number and it was packed. The photo is actually before it got really packed! Sold a lot of issue.ZEROs and we're now well on the way towards making back the printing costs. Click on the link above for details of how to get hold of a copy for 10 euros. Or come to the last SpokenWords of 2011 - Monday Dec 12th & 19th - and get one from us - Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Metro Parmentier/Couronnes. Sign up in the bar form 8pm, poetry starts 9pm.

On to a kaleidoscopic condensed poem of a report of words spoken and sung:

The waves brought a handful of fists
An alligator
The sudden pop of kneecap to neck bone
A foot like hailstones
There's always someone in the family who takes the jibes
I'm so mean I make medicine sick
He looks bad enough to get shot
Smells of tar
Is hard at the seams
Made of peacock feathers
While syringes kiss
And I melt like a marshmallow sticky on a campfire
Everyone had a cigarette and cocktail that night
Even the children
As Fermat's Last Theorem stripped off in Hollywood
Searching for harlequin who rode in on blue flames
Thick with memory and flesh
Tongue sulphur-thick
C'mon Mister - Get your jabberwocky out!

Hélène improvising

Tanti Baci & Casimir at the link last night

issue.ZERO launch SpokenWord Monday Dec 5

issue.ZERO the upstart lit mag from Paris
grown out of SpokenWord & The Other Writers' Group
launches no.-1 at SpokenWord on Monday 5th December

at the Chat Noir

Au Chat Noir
76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
Métro Parmentier/Couronnes

8pm sign up in the bar
9pm the first round starts