Alberto's Report from SpokenWord 17th Jan 2011

Great night ladies and gentlemans, I do think so,

we started with Dylan Harris reading his poem The Player from his book Antwerp,

David reading a poem by Alexander Maksik from Issue Zero Magazine, now on sale:

yesterday at the pharmacy

a tall man in beard trembling

paying says, Jesus Christ it is

cheaper just to die.

Benjamin reading the Grave of Shelley by Oscar Wilde:

Like burnt-out torches by a sick man’s bed

Gaunt cypress-treesstand round the sun-bleached stone;

here doth the little night-owl make her throne,

and the slight lizard show his jewelled head….

Anthony singing:

Have you ever loved?

Have you ever loved and lost?

Have you ever loved and lost and worked on a ferry-boat?

Of course. Moe Seager, Yara and Stefanos, Alberto Rigettini.

Eleanor (on stage singing) and Katherine (almost strict judges),

Chris and Benjamin, Anthony, Zine, Nina Karacosta reading “My Cities”

un morceau of her forthcoming readings:

Moe supporting tunisian poets, then James:

Words are bollocks: shit, piss, fuck….cunt.

Words get attention.

Indeed. Julie Anne’s perfect slam style, Ariel and Emily banjoing and singing:

I love you for your money

For what money can do

You know what is funny

They think I love you for you

Or that’s how I remember it.

I remember then Tyler and the Jazzy end: Dumb Ego’s night in Tunisia:

For many more tunisian and bellevillian poetic nights, come on monday at Culture Rapide!


Report from the first SpokenWord of 2011

The mailman was lost on route. Atlanta stood aghast. The ceiling fan was lit and William wanted to be buried in a sandcastle. Anna saw the man on the Staten Island ferry dancing for dimes. Anton channelled William Service, "The Man Who Knows." Lynn Jeffries picked up the pieces. And Ariel banjo'ed us.
Georgina asked "Little penguin, why are you so sad when the sun shines hot?" Chris & Benjamin spent Christmas with God. Rufo dedicated himself to the negligent earth. M. Alberto Riggetini reported his last bath in Malaga. Like a snap of the tongue, the first drop. Sunset had never been so glad to see him.
J.D. channelled Ferlinghetti. Julianne wondered if she'd be happier as a house cat.She scrambled out of your window, glass shards in her hair, saying "Don't touch me baby, I'm heavy."
So that's some samples of the words spoken at the last SpokenWord, more or less misaccurately semi-remembered by me. For wild and different words - and the chance to buy a copy of issue.ZERO - come to the Cabaret Pop tonight at 9.


Issue.ZERO magazine finally out!

Pick one up at SpokenWord tomorrow. 28 poets & writers given one page each. Many of them read at SpokenWord.

Alexander Maksik - Stephen Troy Yorke - Tate Nanje - Barbara Roush - Helen O’Keeffe - Maxime Daher - Karin Schneider - Jessica Malcomson - Dylan Harris - Thérèse Will - Jeanne Gustafson - Jieni Fu - Elizabeth Jervis - Suzanne Allen - Alexa Rutherford - Nina Karacosta - Noah Cutler - James Melcher - Tanai Cardona - Tabitha Burns

Álex Díez - J R Brady - Trudie Shannon - Julianne Sibiski - Edme de Beru - Mandoline Whittlesey - David Barnes - Conor Quinn

2010 is dead.

Long live 2011!
& the first SpokenWord of 2011...

Monday/lundi 10 janvier de 21h à minuit
au Cabaret Populaire/Culture Rapide
103 rue Julien Lacroix
75020 Paris

Alberto's Report from the final SpokenWord of 2010:

The last spoken word of 2010, with David Barnes stuck in the snow for 10 hours on the Eurostar,

Alberto back under the top hat, a very cosmopolitan intimate night (chinese poems and german rap and Victor Hugo’s ghost) and two very severe, strict, german, poetically rhyming judges named

Klara and Nora. Some highlights:

I, you are solid

When I press my fingers against your skin,

they don’t slip through like water and

though your thoughts may float apart

like less substantial matter your figure

remains whole and composed.


It is here, brother,

in a drowsy ray beam sea

weeping for forever,

the ancient death in me.

William Clark

The world needs limits.

The world needs nipples.


There is no mercy in a live wire

No rest at all in freedom

Of the choices we are given

It’s no choice at all

The proof is in the fire

You touch before it moves away

You must always know how

Long to stay

and when to go

From Let him fly by Patty Griffin sang by Mandoline just before fainting.

Where is the love (The love)

Where is the love (The love)

Where is the love

The love, the love?

Black Eyed Peas & Emilie & Melissa

Krimoun rapped in german so I couldn’t precisely get the words,

but on his myspace you can read some english versions…

And I have a wedding ode to fix before wednesday


Ode to eternal love

Love, every day, every year, every decade

down hill up hill,

like two cyclists, like two mountaineers

climbing up each other,

with bed sores on the heart, blisters on the lips

and a jellifish sting for the eternal cheek to cheek….

Hurrah for the Bride and Groom, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!