21st May at The Lizard Lounge

That was one of the best nights we've done yet. So thanks everyone who came. Three rounds of poetry, each about 8 short slots of 2 poems/5 minutes... but with some longer exceptions such as Xander's moving story (We Walked Slowly Among The Lemon Trees - you can read it on his blog follow link on the right) and Lucas' blistering response to T.S. Eliot's Wasteland. A good range of stuff too, from the more beautiful spoken word stuff to sharper, funnier performance poetry such as Nila's and Lucas'. Gideon also read for the first time. Nila read a published piece in the vein of Good Morning. And of course Erica sang - blew everybody away - even drew in Cesar from the bar to listen. Really enjoyed it. Drank too much. Was up till late composing dirty limericks with Maxime and Conor. What more can you ask for?