Once upon a time.../Cinderella and the big bad wolf (by Alexa)

You beautiful tattooed bastard
The moment we met --bam!-- couldn't stop thinking of you
Damned if I did, damned if I didn't...round and round it went in my head
Couldn't decide better--with or without?
Going that extra mile
To your house
In the snow

This Cinderella's coach was a big shiny Harley
Prince Charming and me rode all night
Up and down the long wet highway
Going "oui... oui... OUI!!!"
all the way home

Cinderella turned big bad wolf when the fences went down
I blew and I blew--but I couldn't make your house come
when all the fences came down new fences came up
the longer I stayed the more your ego filled the room
suffocating me
I killed a fantasy

(Shoulda stayed home...)

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