2nd February - Numbers

One. Hardcore Always (Colin, Dana & Erica mostly) One is the loneliest number you'll ever do (in a mohair suit) (Colin was). // Thirteen. Colin did Alex Chiltern's song Thirteen and Wallace Stevens' Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird. // Thomas Yates. Charles Manson song & Sleeping against the wall. // Five. Maxx - Pentagram by A. Crowley; he harnassed the lightning. Time Only Time by David Tibet; 8 years since I last saw you. Letters all burned. // 13, 2 and 15: Pauline a fait un roulé-boulé dans l'escalier. 20, 26, 28: Les insultes, leur mode de commmunication. // Thomas V. - Ten minutes - the nylon charms of my first guitar, sunrise only 4 hours away. If I had a million dollars... Haven't you always wanted a monkey? // Leemore - Bare bones, stealing books // Chris - ex-forecaster, outtake from her book - An Ode to Budget Season - Snow that doesn't stop & doesn't leave. falls like a wet sack, dingy & grey, plummeting to the ground; an anti-snow piece! // Dana - 25 reasons // Emily Einhorn song for Aaron, they say boys don't cry http://www.myspace.com/emilyeinhorn // Erik - I wanna roll around with an 8, grab the tail of a 7; solving the Rieman Hypothesis // Britta - 3 dreams, I woke up once, aching for my dead friend // Erica - $40,000 pay out from the US for 15 civilian Afghan deaths; $2,200 per death. $500 for the wounded. & Crying Won't Get You a Dime... // And Jaco parle de Camille et son problème existentiel. J'avais envie de dire combien tu es belle.

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