Report from Money

Michele lands in Barbes. Kills his loneliness with a box of matches. Takes the temperature of the orgasm, to the tattoo of the Sun. Listens to 70s radio... says let's go and play our songs in the tiny bars of the moon.
I exchanged a currency of vision and desire, without loss. See Ink is Blood on the site under Poems.
Colin took you for an angel, found out you're just a bird. Blue note, blue boy, blue I (see clip below).
Merve was Other. Paris turned its blank and ignorant face.
Lauren was looking for a pair of boots. Ran into a creepy guy shopping for single women.
Peter B chastised Bono, tax dodger, made him sing Pink Floyd's Money.
Kevin sold a violin to the smart teacher's cheap date.
Ellen's baby's got bedbugs. Like a cat closed inside a phonebooth.
Camille told of the Asiatic Frontman. Mommy's angry. And other stories.
Leemore went digging for change in the depths of coats and found Jitterbug Boy. Dropped a coin soundless on the linoleum floor.
Melik's thoughts were blurry, no transition. He killed his sister's gerbil and stepped up to the stage.
Jaco went chi chi chouchou over the importation de caramel frandise. There's a clip of him doing Poème du dimanche below.
Pauline sang elle n'est pas d'ici. A Paris song.

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