Photos + poem from Fear, 04.05.09

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Fear of Bird Flu
by Trudie Shannon

I used to be a twitcher.
Spent hours and days, weeks and years
Of my life
Watching ..... listening,
Observing, marvelling
At flight patterns, building techniques,
Parenting, community,
Apparent fragility, sheer power,
Utter beauty.
Attentive to morning symphonies,
Evening cacophoney,
Arias to the sun's majesty
Ballads to the rising moon
And love songs that made my heart burn.
I was dedicated, love struck,
In a constant state of awe,
In the garden, at the roadside,
Beside the sea, within the woods,
Aloft the mountain tops.
But now we have bird flu
So, with body protection
Mask, gloves, boots and overalls
And a pellet gun
I am become a forensic bird stalker
An incipient killer
And my penchant
Wrens and skylarks which
I kill to save the world.
In the near vicinity of my home
The woods are silent,
On the foreshore no curlews call
And my garden is littered with redundant feeders
But, I rest easy in my bed
And listen to recordings of the dawn chorus.
Trudie (c) 2005

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