"Plastic" 16th November 2009

Charlie was so drastic as to completely dressed in plastic. In Pia(aaa)'s TV series, JJ Rouseau learns American slang fast. Alberto wants plastic surgery - a new pair of naieve eyes still eager to see. Michele is running away from Detroit, dreaming the fig on the pillow. Adam cherished his TV. Pauline read Alexander Dickow, menaced by the horizon; eat crunchy, kiss me big. Theo Edmonds (whose show is at The American Chrutch, sorry, Church) swings in with a Zip!Bop!Bam! What grooves you? Gonna roast you a cool nickel, Jack. Is anything like it seems in your dreams? Plastic John (Kirby Abrahams) shot his Missus into space. Rufo scares the horses into Tupperware weddings. Beth's silence lingers. Flo est toujours sur la route, with le talisman (le Thalys ment.) Giusy en la luce perfecte. Adam's special message to the customer: Order your 52cent coffee, and leave me alone! Chris' father scratched his ivory balls, guards plastic bags filled with light. Tom pines for the moon. Liza tarred her lungs.
But most fun of all this week was filming Bruce's video for his song, he got 20 people up on stage dancing and waving their arms about to the music.

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