The Sea Report, 30th Nov 09

What strange driftwood washed up tonight?
Escher got it right,
bottled and buried at sea
while sailors talk of that Stone Age book
- that absurd old book! -
and Abraham sways onto the stage
where the waves are much less taller

as the moon fishes for some old song that fell from a sailor’s pipe
and a dwarf clings to a 60 year old mermaid
and they go at it like Baudelaire

. and from Senegal
. small boats break off for Europe
. seekers whose dreaming eyes are closed by the ocean

A deep sea diver descends to walk the Paris streets
Poe’s strange city lies alone
Its time eaten towers
the haunted destination of the albatross

Split now between English and French selves,
a woman waits,
wanting to see the ocean

Ukulhelen va seule sur la plage
harvesting Spain

Dogger. German Bight. Tyree.Fastnet. Lundy. Irish Sea. Rockall. Malinhead. North Adsera…