Boundaries 12.4.10


Marty opened Spoken Word reading Décolleté / Décolletage by Régis Jauffret

Sex has never been very important to my wife…The nights when we are alone, we play chess. Our minds aren’t refined enough to develop strategies, we don’t really know the rules, and out of boredom I sometimes cry out check mate as soon as we begin. Then there’s nothing left but to go to bed. My wife undresses and then takes off her makeup at the bathroom sink. I sit on the edge of the bath and watch. My member is hard. I feel like a woman wearing a strap-on. I tell her I’m erect.
— You’re crazy.
— When we first got married, we used to make love.
— You know full well that for me our sex life is nothing but a bad memory.
Hoping that it is just a scratch that will swiftly fade, she sprays her sex with Mercurochrome before getting into bed.

Then 3 rounds and 26 poets followed.


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