Report from TRANSLATION 17.5.10

Photos: Joa, sur les traces de Kerouac:

Leemore writes you from your other life:

Maira D'Arcy with a 30 second poem in dance form:

Jonathan in the throes of Dada poetry:

Valerie with a macaronic poem - a poem with other languages in it; she sidled along a cul-de-sac till the name came back; an expert in blowing up trains.

Other folks doing stuff included: Nicolas and his Magic Gloves, qui a fait disparaitre le Tour Eiffel. James, who missed mass on a Sunday. Charlie, who found a box full of zeroes. Lynne's the politics of weather, endless rain rushing to Hell. Antonia - who rattles the brain while they put one breath after another and go off to war. English as she is spoke, with Marie & Nicolas. What is it you want you? You hear the birds gurgling? Chris's play on love and unrequited slug. Suzanne: fromage feels so sad in the mouth, and smells like feet. Tom: Pound cake and other mysteries. Megan and Jonathan spiking drinks with illicit pills. Jason, easing his heartburn with a centrifuge... and many more esp old favourites.

Next Monday is Doctors, hosted by Alberto.

2 commentaires:

  1. La photo avec Leemore est très... intriguante :)

  2. Sort of... Leemore through the looking glass.


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