Report from SpokenWord 20.9.2010

Thanks to Jonathan Russell for these photos. Here's me pointing to some ''Unreachable stars...'' after Dylan ''Poets Live'' Harris described some rather elegant escalators.
Noah navigates by vanity, a reflection of the misbegotten, a view from the wrong side of the blanket. James (pictured) recalls boyhood...
Tim specializes in poetry with eyebrows, angles and glances:
...while Kate knows that only 6 minutes of normal time remain. Then it gets weird.
Amy Dalton: online, on edge:
Other highlights included: Dylan's unsung contraptions & night spiders. Where's the blind watchmaker now? Mandoline: everyone love-hates a winter clown. They've coined the chemistry of love. Chris: Letters to a Young Poet (Rilke) Alberto: rolling and clanging under the bridges of Paris, a story of 2 who jumped off the bridge and onto a bateau mouch. Troy: last stop on the cuckoo car. Maxx: There is no 'If' (Robert Smith)

Next SpokenWord is tonight! 9pm at the Cabaret Pop...

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