Some notes from 21st February

Brian reached for fresher air. "We are the monkeys that sharpened our sticks and played with fire." Troy was his lusty, cop-feeling self. Claine spoke of vanished objects, like your hand holding my hip. Bernard conjured up a ginkgo biloba and snow in St Ouen. Guillermo was howling at hipsters. Ryan van Winkle is a bitter cranberry, turning like a lawyer against you. OCA manifested themselves. For Alberto, the Audience Isn't Right. Don't let them change you! Ben, Bjorn, Brian and company demonstrated subtextual healing. Julianne brought all the words she never wrote, with small and careless hands. Suzanne: So many Mondays stacked together and torn in half.

Get there early tonight if you want a seat! Poetry is getting popular, again.



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