Report from 11th April

by Alberto. Thanks to Adèle Giraud for the photos.

So many, so spoken, so what, so word:

Jennifer, Julien Field, Yara and Stefanos, Moe Seager, Peter Young,

Aarti Ramaswami’s poem about caffeine:

“You make my heart race / Give me sleepless nights

My skin is crawling / What’s happening to my face!

Didn’t mind you in small / Now you have the gall

To screw my mind / And make me insane

Caf and decaf / I loved you many ways

What do you care / You had me anyways.”

I agree Caffeine is a helluva drug!

Then Liz Childress performed “B” by Sarah Kay:

“This life will hit you hard, in the face, wait for you to get back up, and kick you in the stomach;

but getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.”

Here is the original version from TED:

Plus Ylva, and our featured poet Yazmin M. Watkins.

A sample of her poetry:

Round II

Eric De Jesus was back, see the video:

Also in Round II: Mimi, Gabriel, Hal Walling, Chris Newens Company, Lucas Corcoray from New York, Lady (Brett) Ashley, Mandoline, Alberto on Cherchi Palmieri’s music, Bruce, Peter Brown.


Yazmin’s part II featuring B.B. King, Kyle, Troy Yorke, Kronos, Moe, The Maxx, Bubu, Naushon, Georgina, Zachary, Simona, Susan, Julian, Bubu again, Bastian & Leander. The last metro was gone, forever.

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