SpokenWord 27-6-2011

Denis blows the house down
Suzanna jazzed up a Shakespeare sonnet. Troy drowned in eager dreams, wanting somebody who crumbles, breaks, says sorry but slaps back. Julien took in flies like a whale takes in plankton. Later, he read a letter of complaint directed at his audience.

Julien Field
Kelly grave crazy advice while Harvey interpreted souls with Gilgamesh. Dheeraj's toothless princess rode her aunt's knee. Tous à cause de la secheresse, Ifeanyi a dit. But like a snap of the tongue, Alberto was water exploding on his own forehead while Maxx blotted out the names once carved into the great Cedar of Lebanon. 
But for Matilde, summer in the city was long gone.
As Trèlys asked, Will there be not a trace left behind?

SpokenWord will be back to find out at  9pm Monday 11th July at the Culture Rapide.


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