Call for projects for 2011/2012

New Theatre, Movement, Film, Video and Mixed-Media Performances

New Voices, New Projects is a Paris-based platform for artists to exhibit and network innovative new projects that are already in development. We welcome submissions that are multicultural, multilingual and multimedia. We are looking to be struck by originality, creativity and talent.

Each month we will select one project to present to experts in the arts industry, as well as the broader international community. As a showcase of new talent, New Voices, New Projects exists to allow artists to present their work-in-progess and to receive critical feedback and exposure. Artists will not be paid for these performances under any circumstances, as New Voices, New Projects exists simply to support and nurture talent, in providing a platform and audience for new work, and is not a money-making venture.

Proposals will be considered by a committee of professional experts within the arts and entertainment milieu. They will be judged according to:
a.       Readiness for presentation (not necessarily in a finished state, but nonetheless in an advanced state of exploration and development; rehearsed and prepared, etc.)
b.      Quality and innovation of the project
c.       Technical requirements at the stage of the proposed project’s development

For more information, and to submit your projects, please contact
Amy Werba, Producer
Chris Mack, Producer
Kirsten Foster, Associate Producer

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