Report from SpokenWord 19th Dec

by David.
All my photos show an incandescently smiling Alexa. All my photos are also incredibly bad, so please bring a camera on Monday and replace me as SpokenWord photographer. Now some words I think I heard spoken that faraway long ago night in December - a most marvellous night it was too, we agreed. And it's a bit late to tell you now but you were all invited to Alberto's mum's for Christmas.

What's it like to have a Jewish grandmother? Well
You're too thin until you're too fat
Suturing sunflowers with a lullaby
Locomotive ghosts and grandad's Alzheimer's 
Is it politically correct to even be here?
The Hell with it, I'm horny
for a round woman with gnarled toes
with the blues on tap
rivers and other beds gone dry
waiting to snowball cats
at the margin of the carol-singing sea

My name means mutual orgasm
also Christmas in high heels
(breathing beyond the bondage of boys' clothing)
a family of dragons, once upon a time in China

Confront your monster
Tonight the prince will follow bloody footprints to my bedchamber

Next SpokenWord: 9th Jan Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011
Sign up in the bar from 8pm, poetry downstairs from 9pm. (All times are Italian.)


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