The Paradoxical Theory of Change UNSTRUNG LETTERS David Barnes SUNDAY 3rd June 20h

talk/discussion by David Barnes
They lied to you!
The self does not exist. The past and future do not exist. There is no causality.
And if you want to change the secret is to stop trying to.
This and more will be explained in my open talk on Gestalt Psychotherapy.
Touching on how body posture holds character, healing is through risking authentic meeting with another human being, the ways we avoid doing so, how we block our own natural growth process and much more!
Lose your head and come to your senses!
Or stagnate and die…
This Sunday 8pm I’m tallking on The Paradoxical Theory of Change and Gestalt Psychotherapy… open to debate with all comers at UNSTRUNG LETTERS in Au Chat Noir….76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Come! Listen! Question!
David Barnes
who is at the end of the 4th year of hugely expensive psychotherapy training at Metanoia, London

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