Marianela's poem

Read at SpokenWord 22nd Feb 2010.
Marianela came from Venezeula. She was often around Shakespeare & Company when I arrived in Paris in 2003. She had led an unusual life, and told stories from it such as the kidnapping of her dog, in the poems she read at SpokenWord.
She died a week before this SpokenWord, after an operation against a very aggresive cancer.
She will be missed.

do not dream
of aging
with another
but of aging
with one’s self
nor of stealing
away from death
through childbirth
but of passing by
little bits
of living and
of dying.

Marianela Maduro 1994

2 commentaires:

  1. I wonder if anyone can tell me if she was a Venezuelan classical musician, because if it is so, I'd like to know it very badly since she was a very close friend of mine many years ago. and I'd should pay her a tribute.

  2. I don't think so. Must be someone with the same name. I never knew her to do any music.



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