It's on! 9pm Wednesday/mercredi 12 March at The Highlander Pub

Halelujah brothers and sisters, we have a venue!

Downstairs in the cellar at
The Highlander Pub
8 rue de nevers
(a very small street on the left bank starting opposite the Pont Neuf bridge that crosses the western tip of the Isle de la Cite.)

Metro Pont Neuf/Odeon/St Michel
(e.g. walk 5 mins along the quai from St Michel towards the Eiffel Tower)

When? 9pm. (Happy hour? 6 till 8)

Theme: Revival? Dislocation? Oh, bugger having a theme, there's no time - just come!

What to bring? Your poems, stories, essays, spoken words of all forms. Also your favourite stuff by other people.There will be no mic so be warned you'll have to project your voice.

Singers & musicians? Please come! Unamplified singing and acoustic guitar etc welcome, all others - sorry, not at this venue (they have neighbour problems).

It's a big venue with a stage and it's own bar, downstairs from the main pub. It's where the Live Poets Society do their poetry gigs.

Warning: I will probably pass a hat for the time, effort and money I'm putting into organising these nights.

Cheers all and I really hope to see you there!


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