Melted Rubber Humans looking for mp3 submissions of spoken word etc

Jen K Dick of fragment78 says:
"this call is specifically for the kind of work you are promoting, spoken word, sound poems, and please let people know about the opportunity to be part of Dee's program, and if you have been or decide to record any of your sessions you can send her MP3s. Best!"

Call for Submissions.

The Melted Rubber Humans are looking for mp3 files of spoken word/ poetry readings (either live or studio) to be incorporated in a series of albums of ambient/ experimental music.

They are looking for poetry which deals with the following topics:
1. God/ the Goddess/ spirituality;
2. sex/ gender/ sexuality;
3. power/ politics/ corruption;
4. love/ want/ need;
5. fear/ despair/ greed.

They are looking for poetry with a rich, interesting and/or experimental approach to the use of language and especially those read with voices that reflect the feeling of the poem.

The plan is to select lines or verses from poems and to blend them into a sound-collage; a musical equivalent to the art of the Dadaists. The finished albums will be posted at and will, like their previous three albums, be available for free download.

Poems can either be submitted by email or snail mail.

Email submissions are limited to one mp3 file with a 2Mb maximum file size and should be sent to with "FAO: Captain Melted" in the subject line.

There are no file size limitations for snail mail submissions. These should be sent on CD to Dee Sunshine, 35 Falkland Street (0/1), Glasgow, G12 9QZ, United Kingdom.

There is no deadline as this will be an ongoing project.

Further information about The Melted Rubber Humans can be found at

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