Telerama article on Spoken Word

This week's Telerama has an article on our Spoken Word nights! (page 11 in Telerama Sortir) I would copy and paste it here, but (1) I can't find it on their website and (2) it describes me as "Hugh Grant version grunge" and I haven't decided how I feel about that. Will this mean 1,000s of people descend on the Ogre next week for Spoken Word "Lost/Found?" Does it really reflect how what we're doing here appears to French people? Am I really that much like an actor that makes me cringe? Answers on a postcard please.

I will copy this bit out by hand though:
"Le grand soir arrive. David Barnes orchestre cette battle poétique avec la verve d'un Monsieur Loyal qui aurait remplacé sa cravache par une chope de bière.''

I don't know who this Mr Loyal bloke is, but I like that I orchestrate things with a pint of beer and not a riding crop. Fame at last.
Check it out in newsagents everywhere all this week.

EDIT: Mr Loyal is the name for the ringmaster in a circus.

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